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Veteran & Vintage Cars

Veteran & Vintage Cars

There’s nothing that compares to the joy and exhilaration of owning a Veteran or Vintage motor vehicle.

The open road, maybe the wind in your hair, the looks of admirers as you travel along roads and through towns. It’s exciting!

But unlike modern vehicles, Veteran and Vintage cars need that additional love and attention afforded to them – TLC. Often their components are manufactured from less modern or durable materials and in old fashioned ways. Although functional for most of the time, failure beyond their natural lifetime is inevitable.

At Eastern Radiator Service we appreciate that your motor vehicle is unique and offer a range of specialist services built on years of experience:

  • Supply, cleaning and repair of radiators and components,
  • Modification or replication of existing heating or cooling systems for greater durability,
  • Fabrication of heating or cooling system components:
    • Radiators
    • Hoses
    • Pipes

Organisations and hobby groups are welcome to take advantage of our special rates for your members.

So if it’s something to do with heating or cooling we’ll find a solution to your problem!